Off-Road Vehicle Components

Off-road vehicle components are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of rough terrain and challenging environments. Components like deflector assemblies, protection sleeves, and suspension hangers are essential for providing durability, performance, and safety in off-road vehicles.

  • The protection sleeve is a covering or sheath that provides additional protection to off-road vehicle components exposed to extreme conditions. It shields vulnerable parts from impact, abrasion, and environmental hazards, enhancing durability and reliability.
  • The side panel or cover is a structural component of off-road vehicles that encloses and protects internal systems and components. It contributes to the vehicle's rugged appearance while providing protection against debris and impact.
  • The suspension hanger is a mounting bracket or assembly that supports the suspension system of off-road vehicles. It secures the suspension components to the vehicle's frame, allowing for controlled movement and damping over rough terrain.
  • The upper housing is a structural component of off-road vehicles that forms the upper portion of the vehicle's chassis or body. It provides structural integrity and protection for internal systems and occupants, contributing to the vehicle's overall durability and safety.
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    The deflector assembly is a protective shield or panel installed on off-road vehicles to deflect debris, mud, and water away from critical components. It helps minimize damage and maintain the integrity of the vehicle's systems during off-road use.