Our Story

Elmec Tools & Devices started out as a Tool Manufacturer; hence the name. But, in the many years has grown much bigger than just that with itโ€™s many additions to infrastructure, machinery, service and customer base and extensive experience.

Over the past five decades, Elmec has emerged as a prominent leader in the industry, providing components to Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s. Elmec supplies Precision Sheet Metal components, Sub-assemblies, and Assemblies, serving a diverse array of sectors including Two-wheelers, Passenger vehicles, Light Commercial vehicles, Tractors, and Off-Highway vehicles.

Our manufacturing plant is strategically located in Delhi NCR, enabling efficient delivery to our esteemed customers through warehouses situated in close proximity to their facilities, all accomplished within a brief timeframe.

Our Vision

Our vision at Elmec transcends boundaries; we aspire not only to lead the nation but also to become the world's foremost manufacturer of precision sheet metal fabricated components and surface finishing solutions. We are committed to achieving this by investing in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, perpetually advancing through technological innovation, broadening our product range, expanding our customer base, and continuously enhancing our quality standards. Remaining vigilant about the latest technologies, we pledge to provide unparalleled customer service, thus cementing our position as the epitome of excellence in the industry.

Message from our directors

My philosophy at Elmec is straightforward: prioritize the satisfaction and motivation of my stakeholders while fostering a culture of learning and achievement. By nurturing this mindset within my team, we ensure that their dedication and expertise result in products that maintain our customers' trust.
Our people are our greatest strength, as they uphold our core values of precision, reliability, and innovation in everything we do. I have full confidence in our talented team to cultivate an environment where quality and efficiency drive innovation, welcoming new professionals to join the Elmec family and collectively become the exporter of sheet metal parts.

–Nalin Gupta

I joined Elmec in 2020 as an executive following the completion of my Economics degree at Michigan State University, United States. Inspired by the enduring values instilled by my grandfather and father, I am committed to modernizing our processes through technology and innovation, aiming to increase production volume and diversify our product offerings. My focus in research and development extends to identifying opportunities in international markets and product segments aligning with our current capacity, as well as strategizing for facility expansion to meet future export demands. With a proactive mindset and a forward-looking approach, I am optimistic that our team will achieve great heights.

–Nimish Gupta